Navigating the Intersection: Being an Ethnic Minority & a Woman

Spilling the T Podcast - Navigating the Intersection: Being an Ethnic Minority & a Woman


Join us as we delve into the intersection of being an ethnic minority and a woman in the professional world. Our featured guests from Zühlke, Shen Xu and Li Gardner, who are the first in their families to migrate to the UK from East Asia and are accomplished professionals in their own right, share their insights, challenges, and triumphs.

The UK tech industry has witnessed a significant transformation, partly due to the contribution of ethnic minority women who bring a wealth of diverse experiences and perspectives.

Shen Xu and Li Gardner from Zühlke are perfect examples of this trend. Their journeys, which began in East Asia and have since taken them to the forefront of the UK tech scene, are filled with challenges, adaptations, and triumphs that not only highlight their individual prowess but also underscore the broader narrative of diversity in technology.

Their personal migration stories illuminate the roads less traveled by ethnic minority women in tech, carving out spaces for themselves in a field where their voices are not only heard but resonate strongly.

Navigating the tech terrain comes with its language battles, from grappling with regional jargon to finding one’s voice in boardroom discussions. In this episode, Shen and Li recount the moments of adaptation, the embrace of a universal tech language, and the ways in which their cultural roots have fueled their professional zeal. Their anecdotes about overcoming communication barriers are as insightful as they are validating for anyone facing similar hurdles.

The road to inclusivity is paved with more than good intentions; it’s built on the foundations laid by those who dare to challenge norms and create a workplace where diverse brilliance doesn’t just survive, it thrives.


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