Inspiring Women Making their Mark on The Tech World


Tech-focused jobs have become ever more of a focus in our dynamically changing economy. From people who write code to people who work on the customer service end of tech companies, the jobs are wide-ranging and diverse, with appeal for people with any number of skills.


But what tech has always struggled with is attracting women to its fold. Part of that is historic: For decades, if not centuries, certain fields—and even working in general—was prohibited by women. But leaders in science, technology, engineering, and math fields—commonly referred to as STEM—have made strides in integrating women into essential roles in those fields.


The number of women in tech fields varies by job, of course, as well as regionality. But what many people are realizing is that providing young women with a set of mentors and role models is a great way to help them imagine what a career in tech might look like.

Author Name: Reanna Miranda

Bio: Reanna is the Senior Manager of Digital Strategy & Demand Generation at AppDynamics. She is a marketing professional with over eight years of experience executing marketing strategy and demand generation initiatives for fast-growth/start-up B2B technology companies.

Caroline Holmes