Embracing the start-up journey and the crazy passion to build

Embracing the start-up journey - Podcast


Tune in as Sophie Brown, Commercial Director, Flowlio and Katie Fradley, Product Development Director, Flowlio, share their unique journeys, the challenges and triumphs of building a start-up, and their crazy passion for innovation and growth.

What does it take to break into the tech industry and thrive in a startup environment?

Join us as we uncover the inspiring journeys of Sophie Brown, Commercial Director and Katie Fradley, Product Development Director, from Flowlio.

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Katie reveals how she transitioned from a biology background to tech, highlighting the importance of soft skills and on-the-job learning. Meanwhile, Sophie shares her bold decision to drop out of university and her subsequent rise in tech sales, proving that passion and tenacity can open doors in unexpected places. This episode is a testament to forging your own path, regardless of where you start.

Feel the pulse of startup life as Katie and Sophie recount the exhilarating highs and challenging lows of launching Flowlio. From the constant need for adaptation to the adrenaline rush of achieving milestones, they share unforgettable moments such as their recent launch event and the countless brainstorming sessions over coffee and pastries. Hear about the personal growth and confidence they’ve gained by facing their fears head-on, like pitching to potential developers. Their stories illustrate the unique sense of ownership and pride that comes from building something from the ground up, supported by a close-knit, dedicated team.

Discover the intricate dynamics that make or break a startup team. Katie and Sophie emphasize the importance of clearly defined roles, effective communication, and the right mix of disciplined, motivated individuals. We explore how they balance enjoyable and less desirable tasks while staying united in their goal to see Flowlio succeed. Looking ahead, they discuss Flowlio’s mission to transform enterprise project management and the relentless dedication driving them forward despite challenges like time zone differences and technical glitches. This episode captures the spirit of innovation and determination that fuels the startup journey.


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