CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap

On Thursday, SheCanCode  screened highly acclaimed film CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap to 75 techies over popcorn + prosecco at Google Campus in London.  

The film, which raised more than $86,000 via Indigogo to produce, explores both the explicit and implicit reasons behind the gender diversity gap in the tech industry.  Featuring key policymakers, coders and educators from institutions and organisations like Pinterest, GitHub, ETSY and Black Girls Code, the film investigates the decline in female programmers since the 1980s and talks about the resounding effects of not addressing the 'bugs' that are continuing to discourage women from entering and remaining in the industry. 

Oh Snap!

We asked attendees beforehand whether they think we will be able to close the gender gap (incl. pay gap, cultural mindsets, stereotypes, educational hurdles and sexism) by 2030, and an overwhelming majority of the attendees responded 'yes' (most of them saying they were at least hopeful that it could be achieved in developed nations such as the UK & USA).   Other attendees (some less hopeful) responded, 

No, progress is far too slow. I went on equal pay marches back in the 80s. 
- Jane Wilson


I'd like to think that we can.  As long as we continue to spread the message and work with drive and determination then we can get there. 
- Hannah

Here's a snippet

CODE was such a great conversation starter about how to create a more inclusive work environment that we’re taking it on the road to our global Expedia, Inc. locations with the highest concentrations of tech workers.  This film isn’t about and for women; it’s about the greater responsibility we – men and women – have in reducing the gender gap in technology.
- Kristen Weber, Principal Program Manager, Expedia Inc.

We were pleased to welcome a number of talented developers (both male and female) to the event, as well as representatives of top tech firms like Shazam and SKY that are consciously trying to achieve gender parity in their firms.  In light of the positive response, we will be looking to host another screening of the film so join us on MeetUp and subscribe to our mailing list for updates.

We would like to thank Google Campus for hosting us and Campbell North for sponsoring us.  The feedback we have received so far has been phenomenal and we're looking forward to hosting you all at our next community event.