Beyond code: Essential soft skills for women in tech

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Dakota Murphey delves deeper into the essential soft skills that could help women in tech get ahead in the industry. Dakota is a freelance writer who specialises in Digital Trends in Business, Marketing, PR, Branding, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurial Skills and Business Growth.  You can find her on Twitter: @Dakota_Murphey

Success is often measured by technical prowess and coding abilities, but as the tech industry continues to grow and evolve, it has become increasingly evident that soft skills are just as critical as hard skills for those pursuing careers in tech, especially for women.

Dakota Murphey is a freelance writer who specialises in Digital Trends in Business, Marketing, PR, Branding, Cybersecurity, Entrepreneurial Skills and Business Growth.

Despite numerous efforts to bridge the gender gap in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics) fields, women remain underrepresented in these male-dominated industries. This disparity not only deprives the tech sector of valuable perspectives and talents but also perpetuates the stereotype that women aren’t suited for careers that require analytical and technical expertise.

The Significance of STEAM

STEAM is an educational approach that integrates traditionally separate disciplines. This interdisciplinary framework recognises the invaluable role that arts and creativity play in scientific and technological pursuits. By blending analytical and technical skills with imagination and artistic expression, STEAM encourages a more well-rounded and innovative approach to problem-solving.

By integrating concepts from the arts with scientific or mathematical concepts, STEAM creates tools like data visualisations or complex artistic imagery to enhance our understanding of science, maths and technology. Without the innovation found in artistic and creative endeavours, we wouldn’t have the likes of 3D printing or infographics. 

It emphasises the importance of interdisciplinary collaboration, recognising that the most transformative ideas often emerge at the intersections of different fields. By fostering an environment where artists, scientists, technologists and mathematicians work together, STEAM encourages the cross-pollination of ideas and the synthesis of diverse perspectives, ultimately driving innovation and progress.

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Integrating Creativity with Technical Skills

In the tech industry, creativity is often overlooked or viewed as separate from technical expertise. However, the ability to think creatively and integrate artistic sensibilities with technical skills can be a powerful asset for women in tech careers. Nurturing artistic activities such as painting, graphic design or photography can help women foster problem-solving skills, innovation and seeing things from a fresh perspective, but it also teaches women to thrive in other male-dominated fields.

For example, Hanna Hong, account manager at MPB Berlin, advises women that “since the photography world is very male-dominated, and there’s a lot of mansplaining going on, don’t listen to what other people say too much. Trust your own gut. Be curious, be brave and be confident”. These are valuable skills in any industry, but especially in tech where having your voice heard as a woman can be challenging, and feeling confident in taking the lead can be even harder.

Soft skills have emerged as valuable assets that can drive innovation and provide companies with a significant competitive advantage. By fostering a culture that values and encourages creative thinking, businesses can unlock new opportunities for growth, differentiation and problem-solving.

Communication and Teamwork

Communication is a vital skill to develop, especially in tech where teamwork and collaboration is such a critical component of successful projects. Women who possess strong communication skills are able to articulate their ideas more effectively and facilitate productive discussions in the workplace, which makes it easier to collaborate with colleagues or clients.


Leadership and decision-making abilities are highly valued in the tech industry. Women who can demonstrate leadership qualities, such as strategic thinking, problem-solving and the ability to make informed decisions, are more capable to advance in their careers and take on influential roles within their organisations. Reaching the higher rungs of the career ladder is notoriously hard for women in tech, which highlights the need to encourage women to develop soft skills that will help them succeed in these roles.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence and empathy represent invaluable soft skills in the tech sector, differentiating individuals and fostering success. However, for women, these attributes can be double-edged swords. The pervasive stereotype of being “too emotional” often impedes female professionals, hindering their advancement in their career. However, it remains important not to let these stereotypes hold you back. 

Mastering interpersonal dynamics, forging robust connections and fostering inclusive workplaces not only bolster team unity but also enhance organisational prosperity. What’s more, empathy serves as a catalyst for crafting user-centric solutions, facilitating comprehension of customer desires and requirements.


Adaptability and resilience are crucial in an industry that’s constantly evolving and disrupting itself. Women who can quickly adapt to changing circumstances, embrace new technologies and methodologies, and persevere in the face of challenges are better equipped to thrive in the dynamic tech sector. These skills enable them to navigate the inevitable obstacles and setbacks that arise, while remaining focused on their goals and continuously learning and growing.



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