3 Powerful Ways To Stay Positive 

By getting in the right frame of mind, you can do so much more with your day.

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Whether it’s the daily stress of work deadlines and hectic schedules or challenges of grief or depression. There are times in everyone’s life when your mindset is put to the test. Your attitude makes a big difference in how you handle life’s challenges, it’s never been more important to stay positive and hopeful. 

Use this quick, easy tips: 

1. List your gratitudes. 

Start every morning by thinking about what you are grateful for, you can make a list, write in a journal or just bring these things to mind. Some mornings this can be a challenge, but there is always something to be thankful for, and Gratitude in instrumental in people feeling happy and healthy. 

2. Lift others. 

We all know the quote about ‘everyone is fighting their own battle’ so no matter how tough your own battle, take opportunities that come your way to help others with theirs! If you’re feeling overwhelmed, send a loved one a card letting them know how much they mean to you, or help your elderly neighbour carry her shopping, or sit with an ailing relative and read a newspaper article out loud. We rise by lifting others. 

3. Count your wins. 

At the end of each day write down your ‘wins’ or, like your gratitude practice just bring them to mind as you start to unwind and get ready for sleep. Focusing on the little wins helps us stay positive during challenges and it’s a lovely way to fall asleep, thinking on all that went right in your day! 

Attitude is everything & staying positive is one way you can keep the kind of resilient mindset that will see you through life’s challenges.


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This article was adapted from an article originally published here.

Sarah Robinson is a Digital Marketing Director and Events Producer with an MSc in Psychology & Neuroscience. She is also a yoga teacher and is passionate about making mental and physical well-being accessible for all. She particularly enjoys teaching meditation and yoga at tech conferences, helping developers and designers find new ways to unwind and relax. She hopes to help everyone discover ways to feel better through her blog posts with SheCanCode.