Why should YOU care?

There’s a lot of debate surrounding the lack of women in technology, yet it’s actually surprising how few people understand what all the fuss is about - i.e. why the lack of women in technology is creating and perpetuating a problem in business. After sitting down with a number of women, from software engineers to CTOs, as well as participating in debates and attending conferences and talks concerning the topic, there are a couple of issues that highlight the necessity for companies to diversify their companies, which sheds light on both the commercial advantage of having a gender diverse work environment and further helps us understand why we should not only be promoting women to pursue a career in technology, but go even further to encourage women who are already in the industry to break the glass ceiling and remain in the sector. 

First of all, its important to highlight that the pipeline problem has been articulated and is being tackled by a number of organisations, both non-profit such as Code First for Girls at the university level, xx, and by commercial organisations and established tech firms such as xx whom are doing their part to ensure that girls are inspired to pursue a career in technology. However, despite the topic gaining traction and being addressed by a number of stakeholders, there is still not enough being done to ensure that the industry is equally represented, which his sustaining not only the gender pay gap, but the lack of women in senior management at tech firms. 

.... [work here] Caroline reflects on here experience as one in a handful of female students in a male dominated class.  She seems a little nervous to be telling me this information, afraid as though I would retell her story in a way that depicted her as ...[]. She tells me of how she perceived her male counterparts to not only be technically stronger, in a way so as to reveal her she’s aware of the bias therein: something she’s only come to learn with time as a professional within the industry.

‘Time and experience trump a lack of confidence’.

While we talk about how the lack of confidence instilled in women at a undergrad level may have adversely affected women trying to make a leap from academia into commercial environments []. feels this feeling is something that conditioned to think that the boys were naturally gifted, ... [] Ada Lovelace... []. she describes her lack confidence at an undergrad level,  .. difficult it had been to imagine herself working as a software engineer in her first two years at university - feeling discouraged and unmotivated by lack of female peers to interact with or ask for help from. 

‘Women pursuing further education on topics that have been traditionally been reserved for men; those degrees that lead to females being minorities in gendered occupations - tend to be are very unsure of themselves at this young age’

 [] talks of having the courage to pursue a degree in Computer Science; yet she speaks of how unsure of herself she was. emotional stress[] underestimated.