Women in Business & Tech Expo Dublin

September 17, 2024
September 18, 2024

Women in Business & Tech Expo, 17-18 September 2024, RDS Dublin is the industry-leading hiring event for those who aspire to thrive in their professional careers and grow their businesses.

While we are seeing more businesses address the gender gap in technology, women still only account for around 26% of people working in the sector and without diversity and equality, the technology and business sectors are being held back.

Did you know the tech sector has a ‘leaky pipeline’ of recruits? While we are seeing more women earn a tech degree, less than a third are working in the field after graduation.

Whether you are a developer, analyst, engineer, programmer, data scientist or in marketing, sales or finance roles, or are an aspiring tech professional, the award-winning female-led event provides inspiration, guidance, recruitment opportunities, and services to supercharge your professional journey at all stages within the technology and business sectors.

Women in Business & Tech Expo offers visitors the opportunity to…

  • find employers that empower their female workforce
  • learn how to progress in tech or enter the field
  • discover companies invested in the success of women at work
  • develop your personal brand
  • connect with organisations and leaders that champion women
  • launch a new business or franchise
  • explore new career options when returning after a break
  • learn how retraining, upskilling, and reskilling could change your career path

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